Beer Olympics

This summer I planned my first Beer Olympics. What is Beer Olympics, you ask? It’s a series of drinking games played by several teams in order to find out who can handle it like a champ. I’m going to run through each game we played, what was needed, and how we did it. While Beer Olympics is usually picking countries, we decided to go by team colors and assemble teams once everyone arrived. That way no one was able to have no shows, and people felt comfortable arriving with only one friend and no pre-planned team. visors

I purchased these colored visors from were a few of them that came with the stitching coming out so we just went with the colors in the best shape.

I went to Michaels and found these Mason Jar Mugs that were perfect for the winning team’s gift. We made five, since that was the most you could have on each color team. We used Sharpie Glass Paint Markers to write “2014 Beer [olympic rings] Champs.” They were a big hit and everyone really wanted to win to get one.

beer trophy

I assembled the trophy, which will remain with the hosts as more of a decoration to take a picture with every year, with beer cans and duct tape. Eleven beer cans with 6 on the bottom, four in the middle, and one on top. I used gold duct tape and hot glue to stick the cans together, sprayed the entire thing with Gold Spray Paint, then used scrapbook letters and beer caps (colored with the Sharpie Paint Markers) to decorate the front.

I created a Leaderboard using a Presentation Board so it would stand by itself. I printed out the different color teams on cardstock with a piece of scotch tape on top to easily move it after each round.

A few rules to go by
1. Each team will have 5 players (depending on the turn out you might want 4 to create more teams).

2. One person per team is allowed to sit out of the pool race, but must have another teammate swim twice in his/her place.

3. Each team will be allowed ONE celebrity opportunity so the late comers (people who can’t come until later in the day but still want to participate) can step in. This is only if a player can’t go on and wants a replacement.

4. Each player must contribute a 24 pack of beer (preferably something light so you don’t explode). This seems like a lot but its much better to have more than enough if someone forgets to bring some. (We used a plastic baby pool with ice for all the beer. It fits way more than a cooler would.)


balloon dodgeball

Water Balloon Dodgeball

– Two teams compete against each other
– Each team is given 25 water balloons in a bucket, placed in front of the dividing line.
– When you are hit with a water balloon you have to leave the floor immediately and chug a beer.
– If you are hit but the balloon doesn’t pop you are NOT out and can use the balloon again.
– If you catch a balloon without it popping the thrower is out/ you can’t cross the line (Basic dodgeball rules)
– First team to eliminate the other team wins OR First team to run out of balloons loses
– Winner moves on in bracket

water relay
Water relay
– 5 cups per team (or however many per team) filled at the end of each lane
– If someone wants to sit out of this relay their team has the option to let a player swim twice.
– Draw the lane order out of a hat
– Player must swim to the end, chug beer and swim back
– Players must slap hands with the next person to complete lap
– Last person must jump out of the pool to show the team is finished
– Scoring will be by ranks (if 6 teams- 1st place gets 6 points, 2nd place gets 5 points, 3rd place gets 4 points, 4th place gets 3 points, 5th place gets 2 points, 6th place gets 1 point)
– Need to draw order of teams to pick where they want to stand (edge or middle)

2014-07-26 14.43.24

2014-07-26 14.44.34-2

This was definitely the most fun of all the events, obviously we were lucky to have friends with a pool!

Flip cup (the only game I forgot to take a picture of, but everyone knows this game)
– 5 cups per teams of 5 filled with same amount of beer
– 1 table for every 2 teams
– We all know the rules to this one-
– Each team will play each other 3 times, best out of 3 wins.
– Winner moves on in bracket
ice cube tray chugIce cube tray chug (everyone said this was the hardest game, but funny)
– 5 ice cube trays per team
– Everyone fills up their tray to the top of the cube line
– Like flip cup, players cannot go until the player next to them finishes.
– Each player will drink all the beer out of their trays through a straw.
– The first team to completely finish all of their trays wins and moves on to the next round in bracket.

ice cube tray chugg

dizzy bat

Dizzy Bat

– One player per team is the pitcher
– Player chugs a half cup of beer, spins around with their head to the baseball bat 5 times, then has to hit a beer can thrown by teammate
– Everyone else on the team must take turns drinking, spinning, and successfully hitting the can.
– First team finished wins. (if 6 teams- 1st place gets 6 points, 2nd place gets 5 points, 3rd place gets 4 points, 4th place gets 3 points, 5th place gets 2 points, 6th place gets 1 point)


I hate beer and love wine so I gladly took the referee position with my roommate as my co-ref.

The winners? Team Purple!

beer olympic champs

I’ve attached a link to my entire folder with everything you need to buy, more pictures, and everything you’ve seen here. I hope you throw a great Beer Olympics!!! Beer Olympics Folder

2014-07-26 16.27.23